Ebro in the Morning Talks to Tracy Morgan about Returning to the Stage After His Tragic Accident, New Tour, And More (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning talked to Tracy Morgan about returning to the stage after his tragic accident, his new tour, and more. Morgan said he enjoys being a king of comedy in New York City. He discussed the upcoming Comedy Festival with Ebro. The comedian has an upcoming special for HBO Max and will hit the stage on November 12th on 42nd street at Town Hall.

    Morgan said he is up to an hour on stage and is traveling all over performing for an audience of over 5000 or 6000 people. “Whoever comes out is going to get a spanking comedically. I’m free falling; that’s what Richard did,” said Morgan.

    Ebro said the title of Morgan’s comedy special is “Tracy Morgan No Disrespect.” Ebro wanted to know why Morgan chose that title. Morgan said that is a title for the tour, and the comedy special is called “Getting it Together.” He said the title was chosen for his tour because he will be saying “things,” and he means no disrespect to anyone. He said the title of his comedy special also reflects where the comedian is at in his life. The actor is getting himself together, he said.

    Morgan went on to give personal details about himself and his childhood. Aside from saying that he had never had sex with someone with his socks off until he was in his 30s, he also confessed that he was the guy that would take a poop in the pool.

    “I was the guy that do-do’d in the pool. I’m shutting it down. I got blue and white Pumas. That was flat in, and they broke in my locker, and they stole my Pumas,” said Morgan.

    Morgan said that the next day he had a nice dinner, went back, and once he was in the middle of the pool, he relieved himself.

    He said that taking care of his children and being a role model to his daughter is very important to the native New Yorker. Teaching his daughter how to be treated by a man is a top priority. When his daughter was just ten months old, the Saturday Night Live star said he was in a coma and did not want to die and leave his young baby without a father. She gave him a reason to fight for his life, he said. On the books, Morgan said, he has about ten children and loves them all equally.

    The television star discussed the different comedy venues he’s performed in over the years, including Def Comedy Jam, where he met Martin Lawrence. Morgan said Lawrence is still his “OG,” and they share a special bond. His most recognizable skit with Saturday Night Live is Brian Fellows. Rosenberg wanted to know where the inspiration for Fellows came from. Morgan said he went to school with a guy named Brian Fellows, which was also the name suggested for the character on the show. The television star thought the coincidence humorous.

    Ebro said Morgan is a loving, caring, compassionate person, which is why he receives so much love. The morning show host said whether he is walking on the street or stage, the actor is a “cool” person.


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