Radio Facts: I remember listening to Smooth Jazz 107.5 when I lived in Atlanta and it was always “Smooth Jazz 107.5” but Luther Vand ross was not a Jazz artist neither was After 7 or Gerald Levert… I thought that perhaps the station was poorly programmed or perhaps they thought the listeners were just that stupid. The station literally put me to sleep at least the Wave in LA, ALSO not a “Smooth Jazz” station plays music a bit closer to the genre, from artists like Michael Franks and George Benson.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Magic 107.5 has taken over for Smooth Jazz 107.5 and syndicated hosts Steve Harvey and Michael Baisden will move over there soon. For a time, 102.5 and 107.5 will simulcast and mid-day syndicated talk-show hosts Warren Ballentine and Al Sharpton will soon go away. Is it me or does it appear that the Al Sharpton era is over now that Obama is president? The simulcasting has not started yet. In addition, the station is changing the spelling it might actually be named Majic. I agree with AJC's Rodney Ho, Why change the spelling? The station is going to be competing with WALR, a station that for the life of me, I don't understand how in the hell they can currently run neck and neck with V-103. It's no secret the Radio DJs at WALR don't make as much as the Radio DJs at V. Fook it, I am a “payist” a new word, I kill me. I believe if the station is running neck and neck with the top station and the top station is paying good money, WALR should at LEAST give the announcers a nice raise. ALR has been making an incredible move up the PPM scale and they are starting to spank that V103 ass…. It will be interesting to see how the new (well reformatted) Majic fairs as a third competitor.


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  1. I think it all sucks!
    It is difficult for me to celebrate the transition of the radio stations, especially here in Atlanta since Warren Valentine and A sharpton were taken off the air.
    It is very disappointing that in the African American culture we are more concerned about being entertained than being informed. Oftentimes we may not be in the position to make these decisions however we allow them to be determined for us.
    I do not consider Michael Baisden program as an itellectual informational program.
    Last but not least Smooth Jazz was never really a jazz station maybe you need to get with Charleston South Carolina. It is ludicrous to have 97.5 and 107.5 with the same program.
    I think Atlanta being referred to as “New York of the South” and “Hot Lanta” has taken a step backwards in being the “Black Mecca”

  2. the new format is ok its more black talk radio than anything. THE VERY POOR PART is that they have two broadcast bands that play the same thing. It would be great if the broadcasted the black talk radio on am and fm with harvey, ballentine ,baiseden and sharpton and the the music on the am band. It would be a good mix to throw in some ken hamblin and bring back dr dyson, heck even give Royal Marshall a show. It is a shame that atlanta having so many black folks have no good talk radio easily available. But we are our own worst enemy…we would rather shake our behinds than be educated. Shameful…

  3. This is to Steve Harvey I just want you to know you give me the inspiration ever morning before I go into work.I sit in my car and listen to you the 1st 12 mins when you are talking about God and his great work he does and I want to thank you I love you for putting God 1st . That shows what kind of man you are keep on doing what you do and may God keep on blessing you


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