White Woman says There’s A Negative Side to “White Privilege” that Black People Don’t See?

Shay Rowbottom

A white woman is saying that there is a side to “White Privilege” that is rarely discussed. That abuse can come to anyone of any color as she expresses her childhood. The post has garnered a lot of support and disagreement as to what “White Privilege” is. She stated….

White privilege.⁣⁣

This is the home I grew up in.⁣⁣How do you tell someone you were abused, when you grew up in a house that looks like this?⁣⁣ Safe neighborhood, good school system.⁣⁣I never once had the lights cut off, or went without food on the table.⁣⁣ My family vacationed to Florida every year.

We owned a lake house up in northern Wisconsin. My Dad owned a business & building just up the street.⁣⁣ Abuse?⁣⁣ Yeah, right.⁣⁣You’re just “white privilege” Shay.⁣⁣ You know what?⁣⁣You’re right, I am white privilege.

My parents had the privilege of abusing us, and no one would suspect a thing.⁣⁣ I ran away countless times as a child.⁣⁣Every neighboring house on this street remembers this.⁣⁣

Yet they always brought me back home. Saying, “There’s that naughty girl Shannon running away again.”⁣⁣My constant escapism and ability to sneak out was a running joke with all my neighbors (no pun intended).⁣⁣

Never once suspecting that hey, maybe she’s not just a “bad kid” looking to get in trouble all the time….⁣⁣maybe she’s running away from home because something is seriously wrong there.⁣⁣

Maybe, just maybe… these affluent, charming white people, w/ a seemingly happy marriage, and put together life…⁣⁣are actually subclinical psychopaths.⁣⁣I don’t discount the blessings I had growing up.

I am so grateful I didn’t have to see my parents struggle for money or basic necessities. I don’t forget all the times we went to the water park, to summer camp, or Disneyland.⁣⁣ I had a lot of privileges.

But guess what?⁣⁣I had a lot of abuse too.⁣⁣It’s easier to be believed when the outside matches the story.⁣⁣No one wants to think that in safe neighborhoods, behind beautiful, historic, Victorian homes like this…⁣⁣parents are abusing their own child.⁣⁣

Ya’ll have not seen the hell I’ve lived through.⁣⁣The sickness plaguing many white people can be easily veiled behind money & presentation.⁣⁣Don’t be so easily fooled.⁣⁣I know a different story about white people.

And I know a lot of white kids who came from homes that look like this…⁣⁣who killed themselves.⁣⁣& that’s the side of white privilege ya’ll don’t wanna talk about.


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