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White Woman says There’s A Negative Side to “White Privilege” that Black People Don’t See?

Shay Rowbottom

A white woman is saying that there is a side to “White Privilege” that is rarely discussed. That abuse can come to anyone of any color as she expresses her childhood. The post has garnered a lot of support and disagreement as to what “White Privilege” is. She stated….

White privilege.⁣⁣

This is the home I grew up in.⁣⁣How do you tell someone you were abused, when you grew up in a house that looks like this?⁣⁣ Safe neighborhood, good school system.⁣⁣I never once had the lights cut off, or went without food on the table.⁣⁣ My family vacationed to Florida every year.

We owned a lake house up in northern Wisconsin. My Dad owned a business & building just up the street.⁣⁣ Abuse?⁣⁣ Yeah, right.⁣⁣You’re just “white privilege” Shay.⁣⁣ You know what?⁣⁣You’re right, I am white privilege.

My parents had the privilege of abusing us, and no one would suspect a thing.⁣⁣ I ran away countless times as a child.⁣⁣Every neighboring house on this street remembers this.⁣⁣

Yet they always brought me back home. Saying, “There’s that naughty girl Shannon running away again.”⁣⁣My constant escapism and ability to sneak out was a running joke with all my neighbors (no pun intended).⁣⁣

Never once suspecting that hey, maybe she’s not just a “bad kid” looking to get in trouble all the time….⁣⁣maybe she’s running away from home because something is seriously wrong there.⁣⁣

Maybe, just maybe… these affluent, charming white people, w/ a seemingly happy marriage, and put together life…⁣⁣are actually subclinical psychopaths.⁣⁣I don’t discount the blessings I had growing up.

I am so grateful I didn’t have to see my parents struggle for money or basic necessities. I don’t forget all the times we went to the water park, to summer camp, or Disneyland.⁣⁣ I had a lot of privileges.

But guess what?⁣⁣I had a lot of abuse too.⁣⁣It’s easier to be believed when the outside matches the story.⁣⁣No one wants to think that in safe neighborhoods, behind beautiful, historic, Victorian homes like this…⁣⁣parents are abusing their own child.⁣⁣

Ya’ll have not seen the hell I’ve lived through.⁣⁣The sickness plaguing many white people can be easily veiled behind money & presentation.⁣⁣Don’t be so easily fooled.⁣⁣I know a different story about white people.

And I know a lot of white kids who came from homes that look like this…⁣⁣who killed themselves.⁣⁣& that’s the side of white privilege ya’ll don’t wanna talk about.


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CommonSense July 30, 2021 at 6:07 pm

Yeah how do you think all those little white girls who are black and brown owned and tortured feel knowing the entire world is debating her existence because they feel she is the privileged oppressor and her torturers are being put on pedistals? That’s reality of modern day slavery it’s what actual slaves in the modern countries face every day.


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