Travis Scott Arrested at Lollapalooza for Encouraging Fans to Storm the Stage


Radio Facts: Radio Facts: It was hot this weekend in Chicago. The temperature outside was hot, the downtown streets were hot with people everywhere and it was all because of Lollapalooza. Things got hot for Houston rapper, Travis Scott during is performance at the popular 3 day festival. Mr. Scoot was arrested by Chicago police Saturday after he encouraged his fans to climb over security barricades and bum rush the stage. As Travis Scott screamed, “We want rage” and told the fans to give it him but ignoring security protocols, they happily obliged his request and began to climb over the barricades. Well, due to that mishap, his performance lasted only 5 minutes as he was promptly escorted off the stage and later arrested. One fan was also arrested and the good news is, no one was hurt. This is a classic example of “when keeping it real goes wrong.”

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