Nick Cannon to Set the Pace for Charity Fundraising as Honorary National Chair of the Kidney Walk

Kidney NickAward winning actor, comedian and host of NBC-TV’s top rated “America’s Got Talent,” was named Honorary National Chair of the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk program, kicking off this March. More than 100 events are held around the country, drawing 100,000 walkers on 5,000 teams with the goal of raising $8 million throughout the year.The Kidney Walks raise awareness and funds to support the fight against kidney disease. Cannon plans to shine the spotlight on what he terms the body’s least known but most hardworking organ””the kidney. He never gave his own kidneys a second thought, and was hospitalized over a year ago for acute kidney injury and diagnosed with lupus nephritis. His condition has since stabilized and he’s stepping out in support of the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk.”The kidneys filter out toxins in the blood, acting as the body’s purifier, but unless they stop working, people pay no attention. The fact is there are 26 million Americans with kidney disease and most don’t know it. One in three people in this country are at risk because of high blood pressure and diabetes””the two leading causes. None of us can afford to ignore this anymore so I urge everyone to lace up and join a Kidney Walk team,” says Cannon.As National Honorary Chair of the National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk, Cannon will promote the events through traditional and social media and appear in radio public service announcements, on the Kidney Walk website and in videos and print materials. He will mount his own fundraising campaign through”These walks help those at risk take the lifesaving step of getting their kidneys checked,” said Cannon. “By participating in the Kidney Walk, we’re all getting the word out about screening and the importance of healthy lifestyle in preventing kidney disease. I had very unhealthy eating habits, but I now know that eating low fat, low sodium and low sugar diets and keeping blood pressure and blood sugar under control can prevent kidney damage. Funds raised through the Kidney Walks directly support the National Kidney Foundation’s efforts in public health education, advocacy and early detection.”Cannon urges Americans to step out and sign up for a Kidney Walk in their area. Visit to find a Kidney Walk near you. Or, you can be a part of Team Nick Cannon and support his efforts anywhere in the country by making a contribution at

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