T.I.’s Redemption Makes him Odd Man Out (review)

Perhaps that’s not the best headline but it got you to read it, right? Over the weekend I got to catch the show on MTV and I must commend Clifford (T.I.) on an exceptional effort rarely if EVER seen by other rappers. Is the notion that one has to be hardcore, have constant beef with other rappers and only be concerned about how many records he’s selling getting old in this new age of Obama? Oddly, if you get to sit down and talk to some members of the rap community, you would be surprised at the name brothers who have business acumen equal to or even greater than the upper echelon at many corporations, however, in the war of intellect and /or street credibility, the latter seems to win more often than not as “image” is everything to many.   Intellect, helping others and doing positive things for the black community is seen as pu..y (scratching me head, me head itches). I get bombarded with video clips, posts and press releases of rappers beefing with other rappers to post here and while some clips are funny as I too enjoy a great laugh, you don’t respond (read) those posts as much. I can see why.   It’s great to see brothers like T.I. make a true and concerted effort, whether forced or not, to use their celebrity in a positive light. Why some people love the ghetto baffles me, I HATE that sh… and even today, it drains me to be around it but it’s certainly OK to go back and rescue others.   Sure, perhaps T.I.’s conviction and him having to do the community service dominates his valiant efforts but its a great one nonetheless. The show is excellent and commendable to MTV which has stepped up from the usual brainless bullsh… that dominates the network.   It’s rare that a rapper does something like this while his career is still red hot instead of (like Master P) changing when it’s too late and your career is in the sunset phase and people are not concerned about your next move. Perhaps more judges should hand out sentences like this. T.I’s efforts, going against the grain of who and what rappers are supposed to be has certainly not hurt his career and it seems to have inspired him and others. Isn’t that what being a celebrity is supposed to be about?

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