The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who Wants to Fight Her Boyfriend’s Wife: “I’ve Been Taking Boxing Lessons” (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman who wants to fight her boyfriend’s wife. Shirley Strawberry said a 47-year-old woman dating a man whose wife has a “nasty” personality wrote to the show. “She is ugly inside and out,” said the woman.

    The letter writer said she attended college with the wife, and she was aggressive towards women over men back then. The wife has been married to her husband for 12 years and is a bully. The wife speaks to the husband as if he is weak, and he refuses to respond “because she hits below the belt,” said the woman.

    After the wife shattered his phone, the husband came to the woman in distress, and she put him on her phone line. That was when the wife discovered the woman’s relationship with her husband.

    Knowing the husband has found a new beau, the wife started harassing the woman, even sitting in her driveway and getting behind her at the fast-food line. The woman said she would “pop” the wife even though she had everything to lose.

    Strawberry said the problem lies in the fact that the man is married. Perhaps the wife has a “nasty” attitude because her husband has another woman. “Is she supposed to be nice and pleasant and kind to you? You’re dating her husband. You’re the other woman,” said Strawberry.

    The letter writer was cautioned against engaging in an altercation with the wife. Strawberry said the woman might not win the fight, and the brawl may not “go” the way she wants it to.

    Steve Harvey agreed with Strawberry. The problem is that the letter writer’s love interest is married, he added. That is the source of the conflict. Harvey said if the woman was not dating the married man, there would be no issue with the wife. Dating a married man comes with “stipulations” and “problems,” said the radio host.

    Jealousy could be the underlying issue, said Harvey. The wife keeps a man, and the letter writer does not, exclaimed Harvey. Since college, the girlfriend has observed the wife fighting over men, which could be the source of her attitude problem. Another woman always wants her man, said Harvey.


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