The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a “Sugar Daddy” Who is Upset His Girlfriend Will Not Get a Job: “When Someone Shows You Who They Are Believe Them” (video)


    A man wrote into the Steve Harvey Morning Show to say he had been with his woman for four years and wanted to get married. The man said he was under the impression that the woman wanted to live with him to save money for the wedding. The woman suggested that they live together first. However, once she moved in, she stopped working, said Shirley Strawberry.

    The unhappy boyfriend said his beau continues to ask about the wedding. Still, after a year of living together, with no financial support from the woman, he is hesitant to exchange vows, said Strawberry. The 51-year-old letter writer wanted to know if he was “crazy” to propose to the woman since she refuses to get a job.   

    Strawberry said it was not wise to marry the woman now or ever. The morning show host said the 31-year-old woman is never going to change. “She probably sees you, sir, as a sugar daddy. Which means she expects you to take care of her.” advised the radio host. Strawberry said the man must realize who the woman is and accept that she refuses to work. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them,” said Strawberry.

    Steve Harvey said the letter should not have been titled “my house my rules” because the woman has been running the show since she moved in. Harvey said the letter should have been titled something like “sugar daddy” because that is the man’s role. The radio DJ said it did not make sense that the woman stopped working after she moved in to “adjust to her new surroundings.”

    Harvey agreed with Strawberry and said he would “cut the woman off.” Harvey explained that staying with the woman is a waste of time, and the man must move on.

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