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Radio Facts Predictions for 2022

A major PD will be let go the first quarter of the year, and new talent will take his place.

More Independent artists/entrepreneurs

As more and more artists learn the art of marketing and use their social media as a marketing tool, we will see more artists pop up from all walks of life without using the usual middlemen or following the expected trends. They will be entrepreneurs, and their entire presentation will be online, and with success, they will be lured by traditional media like film.

A new music genre will pop up this year

True Industry Entrepreneurs will be oversaturated with work.

Being an entrepreneur in the industry today will have additional benefits in 2022 as many artists, and industry people will want to learn the ins and outs of starting and maintaining a business and multiple income streams. Black entrepreneurs will be especially sought after as artists and industry people become more conscious of using Black companies. Black men will start making headlines for being successful entrepreneurs.

Record labels will break new records with streaming income.

Record labels will not only continue to make massive amounts of money with streaming, but they will also break NEW income records. Record labels will also focus more on targeting listeners and buyers. That’s not good news for Radio as hip-hop is challenged in most major market stations because the younger generation has been driven away from Radio by social media and technology. With so many exclusives, massive followings, and DMs, fans have direct access to Hip-Hop artists.

More concerts online and digital media

With the recent tragedies that have taken place at concerts and COVID risks, the insurance will be so outrageously high, and promoters and corporations will want to avoid the risks, so look for more exclusive events online and on digital apps.

Corporations will get out of Expensive Brick and Mortar Leases.

As you read this, it’s already happening. Major corporations are more than aware after two years of dealing with COVID that employees do not have to be on-site in the industry.

That will forever change our industry as corporations will save a ton of money on brick and mortar rentals and as commercial real estate plummets.

Unfortunately, all employees will not succeed at being “entrepreneurs” or working from home, so those who can adapt will automatically learn the art of becoming independent contractors, but this will save the corporations a bunch of money.

We’re living in a very different world today, one that will never be as it was two years ago ever again.

A few DJs in the medium markets will FINALLY get it …

They will start selling themselves as packages instead of talent, and they will invest in themselves and look at making money outside of the radio stations and do well.

Mass exodus from major markets to medium size market

There is an ever-present lure for industry people to move to mid-sized to small markets as entertainment corporations look at more ways to be financially efficient in the days of COVID and what’s more beneficial to employees.

People are also growing tired of living in major cities and dealing with significant traffic, high costs of living. And the inability to afford to buy real estate because of extremely high prices.

Real estate trends will shift to midsize markets.

While investors are buying properties like crazy in the major markets and driving the prices to insane highs, midsize markets and small markets will benefit.

With 1 million, you can damn near buy a block in a small or mid-sized market; in LA it will get you a very basic house.


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