“SUPERSTAR” HAS(-)BEEN MIA: 3 Urban Stations Ready to Drop Syndicated Show


 width=I just got confirmation DIRECT that at least 3 urban Radio Stations have had enough of a particular syndicated show and they are looking at other options as you read this. I would flat out tell you who it is but it would give the syndication company a heads up and since they don’t support us… well… fook em (lol).The host is SO full of himself (guess I gave it away there!) that he is showing up less and less for the show to make his outside money and he has pissed another geriatric host off (OK, I threw that in cause it was funny, sh…, at least to me). He is assigning guest hosts that the Radio Stations do not approve of since HE is supposed to be the host and he has WAY too many things going on … pushing too many products from Cotton to Kotex that the Radio Stations are not being paid for… but of course HE is! (I mean really, is THAT the REAL problem?). One PD described this man as “a cheap media ho.” I was extremely offended since that is what I am too (lol). The syndication company would beg to differ and they (according to the host’s orders and demand s) have labeled him a “media superstar.” I’m staying out of this one… (right…only after I finish writing this sh…) I would be hard pressed to say that he is wrong for making his side money as urban radio has been/is NOTORIOUS for decades for ripping urban Radio DJs off. Did I say that? Yes the hell I did… Stations kept money that Radio DJs should have been making .. but at least urban radio hires black Radio DJs (lol, don’t get me started, leave me be y’all leave me BE dammit).At any rate, these three Radio Stations are seriously looking at re-adding local morning shows to the roster OR another syndicated show with a younger host that is making huge gains in many markets. I cannot be mad at any syndicated host for milking the cow till it stops sh…ting, I would do the same (lol). OK with all that is fooked up about me at times, could I actually be right in my prediction about urban radio going back to local shows? Time will tell. Competing sites, don’t IM or email me trying to figure out more info… get your own fooking tips. Lazy motha fookas.