Internet Baffled by Strange ‘Alien’ Creature that Washed up on Australian Beach


The internet has been baffled by a strange “alien” like sea creature that has washed ashore on an Australian beach.

Out on a morning walk on Maroochydore Beach on the Sunshine Coast, Alex Tan, from Queensland, Australia, stumbled across the weird beast.

In a video of the discovery, Tan says: “I’ve stumbled across something weird. This is like one of those things you see when people claim they’ve found aliens.”

Tan turns the camera to show the creature sprawled out on the shore. The hands appear human-like, and it has a reptile-type skull and tail. The beast also has black fur.

Tan told Storyful, he thought it was a dog lying down when he first saw the creature. The beach walker noticed the abnormal animal was something much stranger once he got closer.

Many speculated what the creature could be as pictures of the monstrosity began circulating the internet.

On his Facebook page, Tan said: “The search for what this ‘little buddy’ is continues and has gone international…THE PEOPLE NEED ANSWERS.”

Tan has been doing radio interviews since the discovery; he said experts have varied in their ideas. Some experts have claimed it could be a Brushtail possum, a Wallaby, or a Tree kangaroo.

However, it must be extraterrestrial, theorized some social media users.

A video of him doing radio interviews detailing the discovery was posted on his Facebook page by Tan.

He describes the find: “I was walking down the beach on my normal walk. I’m praying, I’m talking to Jesus, I see this thing in the distance and I’m thinking what is it….I come up to it and it has a lot of weird features. It’s sort of gooey, like Spongebob, and it was the color of a chicken nugget. I’m thinking it’s something out of Deuteronomy, it looks like a croissant sort of thing.”

He believes it’s a possum, Tan said in the interview. However, it is a malnourished kangaroo, suggested others.

After recent flooding in the area, Tan made the discovery, he told In the past few weeks. Queensland and the other regions around New South Wales have suffered severe flooding due to torrential storms. The high tides have caused debris to be carried to the shore from rivers and other bodies of water in some areas.

“I’m excited to hear what it would be,” he told

According to Newsweek, “Australia is home to a wide variety of distinctive animals that cannot be found anywhere else. As Australia was isolated from the rest of the world for millions of years, scientists believe its wildlife evolved in strange and unique ways.”


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