The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses Chicago Being the Second-Best City in the World to Live in (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed Chicago’s ranking as a city. Chicago is officially the second-best city in the world, not just in the United States, said Shirley Strawberry. This is according to a brand-new poll by Chicago is ranked number two globally for the best city to live in based on everything from food and drink to culture and affordability.

    Chicago has taken its share of hits from gun violence and government corruption; however, 55% of the people polled praised Chicago for its resiliency, said Strawberry.

    Number one on the list is Edinburgh, Scotland. Another city that made the list is New York City, coming in at #20. Number 25 on the list was San Francisco. Boston was on the list at #29. Miami was on the list at #38 and Los Angeles at 32.

    Steve Harvey said he lived in Chicago for five years. According to the radio host, the winters were challenging to deal with. Strawberry agreed that the “Hulk” was “something else.”

    Although Chicago winters are rough, the summers are the best in the world, said Strawberry.

    The morning show debated how cold Chicago winters get. Steve Harvey said the winters get very cold with below-freezing temperatures causing the lake to freeze. Strawberry says she does not recommend walking on the lake in the wintertime.

    On the set of Family Feud, there was a huge debate as to whether Chicago or New York had the best pizza because many people working on the show were from New York or Chicago. Harvey said even though the people from New York were adamant about their stance on Big Apple pizza, he said the Windy City’s pizza is the best.

    “I’ve lived in New York, and I’ve lived in Chicago, and Chicago ain’t playing with that pizza, man,” said Harvey.


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