The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Pastor Whose Cheating Wife Left Him, But He Still Can’t Let Go: “God Can Perform Miracles” (video)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a pastor whose wife left him, but he still can’t let go. The man of God wrote into the morning show that he has been married to his wife for 25 years. She cheated on him in his home and embarrassed the man and his church, said Shirley Strawberry. After a few months of getting counseling from another pastor, the wife “let it be known” that she was not interested in staying with the husband. In addition to declaring that she was no longer interested in staying in the marriage, the pastor said his wife had also left town.

    The “single” pastor said he has kept in contact with his wife, and sometimes she seems as if she is ready to return home, and other times she does not answer the phone. The pastor has been advised to start the divorce proceedings against his wife, but he refuses, explained Strawberry. The man is “all for forgiveness” and is willing to take his wife back even though he was cautioned not to.

    Shirley Strawberry said, “you’re a pastor and a god-fearing man of faith, so I cannot in good faith tell you there’s not a chance that she [will] come back to you because I truly believe that God can perform miracles in the most unbelievable situation.” Although the wife “toyed” with the man and has “humiliated” him, Strawberry said that the pastor still wants to be with his wife and that he believes that could still be a possibility. The morning show host said, “who am I to argue with you and your faith.”

    Strawberry said for the man to continue being faithful because God could turn things around in his favor.

    Steve Harvey disagreed with Strawberry’s advice. “[My] wife of twenty-five years cheated on me in my own house. What? So now, based on that line, what is the rest of this letter for?” said Harvey. Harvey wanted to know how the church found out the pastor had been cheated on. The morning show host said it must be a small church.

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