The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses Tyler Perry Bringing Up His Old Beef with Spike Lee During Interview for His New Film (VIDEO)


    The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed Tyler Perry bringing up his old beef with Spike Lee during an interview for his new film. Perry is speaking out again about the backlash he received from Lee about the characters for his film. Recently, Perry sat down with Chris Wallace and talked about his new Netflix film “A Jazz Man Blues.” During the interview, he discussed Lee’s criticisms of him said Gary With Da Tea.

    The situation was discussed back in 2009, but apparently, Perry brought it up again, said Gary. Allegedly, Lee labeled Tyler’s films “coonery buffoonery.” Perry discussed his work while talking to Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace. Perry said he loves the characters he has done because they are the people he grew up with, added Gary.

    He said his characters were like his mother, who would take him to the projects on the weekends. Perry’s mother played cards and did other “wonderful” activities with people, informed Gary.

    Gary noted that Perry previously said Lee could “go to hell.”

    Gary said he is glad Perry brought up the beef with Lee again. And that the two producers have been able to put their problems behind them and move forward. Perhaps the two seasoned actors could star in each other’s films, added Gary.

    Perry’s new film is reportedly a great movie, said Gary. Gary wanted to clarify that the movie’s name is “A Jazz Man Blues,” And he encouraged everyone to check it out.


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