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The Rickey Smiley Morning Show Discusses the way Marlo Hampton Treats People: “She Almost Feels Evil”

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discussed the way Marlo Hampton treats people. Kandi Burruss is calling out Marlo Hampton for her speech about her childhood drama. According to Gary With Da Tea, Burruss is not buying Marlo’s speech about her childhood trauma during the reunion on Sunday. Burris said she thinks the apology was rehearsed.

Burruss said many people might think she is cold-hearted for not believing Hampton, but the reality star said she felt like the speech was rehearsed, informed Gary.

“How do a lot of people cover up some of the things that done wrong… and bring up their trauma and make you feel sorry for them,” said Gary.

Burruss said it is okay to talk about trauma because that is something most people have experienced, but it is not okay for a person to talk about past trauma when they are “dragging” someone, added Gary.

Gary said he does not know anyone that brings up their childhood trauma when they are dogging someone out.

“It’s just the way Marlo drags people. She goes for really below the belt,” said Da Brat.

The radio DJ said Hampton, “almost feels evil.” Da Brat said Hampton was out of line for the way she talked about Kenya’s husband and baby. Da Brat said it is hard to feel sorry for a person that was so rude to others. More said perhaps Hampton feels the need to be mean “for the reality show.”

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