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The Kids of "Black-Ish" Shine on Jimmy Kimmel

blackishI’m not sure if you watch the show “Black-ish” on ABC but it is a really good show. One of the main reasons the show is successful is because of the amazing kids who play Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross’ kids on the show. Yara, who plays Zoey, Marcus, who plays Andre, Miles, who plays Jack, and Marsai, who plays Diane are individually talented but collectively charismatic. They play very well off each other and they seem like a genuine family on and off the camera.The kids had an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show and they impressed Jimmy, the in-studio audience, and the viewers in the same way the impress each week on the show. They talked about meeting their favorite celebrities, which included Barack Obama and LeBron James, just to name a few. They also told a funny story about the thing they have learned from Anthony Anderson. Check out the clip below.https://youtu.be/dLWlD9M2nd4



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