TECH: Q2 Cube Internet radio’s Interesting Concept


People who like getting physical with their gadgets may warm to a new Internet radio that must be moved around to operate.The Q2 Cube radio from Cambridge Consultants and Armour Group will change to one of four preselected Radio Stations when it’s turned over on its side. Tilting the speaker back or forward lowers or raises the volume.The Cube seems to be a bit bigger than palm-sized, so it would fit neatly on a cluttered desk. It wouldn’t do as an alarm clock, since tossing it from the bedside table would presumably only change the Radio Station .The companies are calling the device “revolutionary,” though in what sense is unclear. In the old days, radios also had to be tuned by turning something–a large dial.There’s no word on price yet, but the Cube could be in some U.K. stores for the holidays.via Q2 Cube Internet radio is a real pushover | Crave – CNET.

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