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Tavis Smiley Brings Judges Together to Explore JUSTICE in the Judicial System

Radio Facts: tavisTavis Smiley, host of the late night television talk show tavis smiley on PBS, in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts, is convening a series of town hall meetings under the banner COURTING JUSTICE, the first of which was held in Los Angeles on June 10th and will air on PBS stations on June 22nd (check local listings). At these town hall meetings, judges from around the country are engaging in an unprecedented dialogue with the communities they serve and are providing stakeholders from disenfranchised communities an opportunity to discuss the issues that continue to erode trust in our judicial system, while offering real world solutions. "This is essentially a listening tour--something we expect from political candidates but not from judges who preside over the highest courts in our land," said Smiley. "I am gratified that many of the most influential judges in the country are eager to step down from the bench and engage in a free and open exchange with the people most affected by their decisions. This frank discussion is unprecedented. Securing the public's trust in our judicial system is fundamental to our democracy." "In order to be fair and impartial, judges have to be equal opportunity listeners," said Chief Judge Eric T. Washington, District of Columbia Court of Appeals, "While we are used to listening to the concerns of the litigants who appear in our courtrooms, our focus on resolving individual cases has in many ways kept us from seeing the forest for the trees. As a result, surveys show that there has been an erosion of trust between the courts and the communities we serve, especially communities of color. This innovative, multi-city town hall series will allow us to hear from, and listen to, new perspectives on how courts can better deliver justice for all." The first Town Hall meeting took place at Loyola School of Law in Los Angeles on June 10th and will be broadcast on June 22nd as part of Tavis Smiley's nightly program on PBS stations across the country. The Town Hall will also be broadcast as part of Smiley's weekend public radio show, "The tavis smiley Show" on PRI – Public Radio International. The next Town Hall will be in Little Rock, Arkansas in September followed by Cleveland, Ohio. Participants in the Town Hall are Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye (California), Chief Judge Eric T. Washington (District of Columbia) and Judge Jimmie Edwards (St. Louis), Associate Justice Maria P. Rivera (California, First District Court of Appeals, Division Four) and Judge Daniel J. Buckley (Superior Court Los Angeles County). The audience is drawn from community activists, public defenders, justice reform advocates, trial court judges, and others directly affected by the decisions of the courts. COURTING JUSTICE is co-hosted by the National Center for State Courts. Funding for COURTING JUSTICE is provided by the State Justice Institute, Walmart, The California Endowment and the Public Welfare Foundation.
Tuesday Radio Tip for Talent: Radio Show Producer

Tuesday Radio Tip for Talent: Radio Show Producer

Tuesday Radio Tip for Talent: Radio Show Producer

Tuesday Radio Tip for Talent: Radio Show Producer
As a Program Director I am responsible for cultivating great on-air talent for my radio station(s).  Every Tuesday, I will share a tip that can help on-air talent (broadcasters) be the best talent and/or assist a Program Director in developing great talent.  Let me know what you think below or using the hashtag #TueRadioTip via Twitter or IG. I am asked more and more by students of radio on what it takes to be a morning show producer. A radio show producer is the person ultimately in charge of the flow of the show. Good radio show producers are very hard to find because the job requires long, stressful hours, for low pay. These jobs are also often entry level jobs at small and medium market stations. Some of the best radio show producers are consumers of the product. Meaning, they like and listen to the station. Here are some tips on being a radio show producer:
  1. You’re the first one there in the morning and the last one to leave sometimes hours after the show has ended.
  2. Know the host(s) you are working with. You don’t have to like them, but there needs to be mutual respect to get the job done. Know the target audience the show is broadcasting to.
  3. Be a stickler of the standard station formalities. The Program director is going to charge you with the responsibility of making sure the call letters are said, time and temp gets read, etc.
  4. Be a problem solver. You have to think fast on your feet in this type of job. Whether it’s a music or talk show, situations come up that force you to jump in immediately and resolve.
  5. Be organized. Have a system that can be followed, especially if you’re out sick and the show doesn’t skip a beat.
  6. Keep/build a rolodex of people/experts you can call on when needed. An example would be, in the recent Orlando shootings at the night club, having a local person that can speak on behalf of the LGBT community. Rely on credible sources for information.
  7. Know how to screen the right callers for your host to talk to.
  8. During a show, you’re responsible for keeping it tight and on time. Learn your host’s ways, so that they respect you when it’s time to move on. If you’re a producer that runs the talent’s board, then you are in control of the flow.
  9. After the show, before everyone leaves the station, have an outline of what tomorrow’s show is going to look like.
  10. Always over produce a show. Have more material than gets used. The job never ends, you could be watching TV and get an idea for a topic to be discussed. Keep ideas fun and entertaining.
A good producer is the back bone of a good morning show. It’s often a thankless job but it can be rewarding when the show gets good ratings, awards and recognition. Are you currently an on-air talent or aspiring talent and/or looking for a coach to up your game? Need an air-check critique or a professional consultation about your career? Contact me! Terri Avery
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