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Kansas City Station Welcomes New Show to Lineup

radiofacts.comKansas City’s X105.1/KCJK-FM Brings Afentra To KC Alternative Fans Weekday Afternoons From  3pm-8pm

KANSAS CITY, MO– February 1, 2019 – CUMULUS MEDIA announces that it will launch The Afentra (Show) in Kansas City on Thursday, February 7th on X105.1/KCJK-FM. Airing weekdays from 3pm-8pm, Afentra will combine her legendary quick wit with her extensive Alternative music expertise and authentic connection to Kansas City’s Alternative fans and community. Afentra was previously on-air at Kansas City’s KRBZ “The Buzz” as the highly-rated morning show host of Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz, a key component in the success of the station since 2003. 

Mike McVay, Executive Vice President, Content & Programming, CUMULUS MEDIA and Westwood One, said: “The opportunity to bring Afentra to the Cumulus KC cluster was one we simply couldn’t pass up. A talent with her skills, experience and market heritage is a rare find. We are excited to have her join our team.”

Mike O’Reilly, Program Director, KCJK 105.1, added: “Sometimes in a lineup strategy you get lucky and make a big splash. Adding Afentra to X105. 1 is more along the lines of a tidal wave for Kansas City Alternative! Afternoons is the ideal daypart for The Afentra (Show) on X105.1, and for her next chapter of success.”

Afentra said: "X105.1 didnʼt just say they wanted me, they showed me. Iʼm not just talking monetarily. Wanting me, my thoughts and my experience - that speaks to my soul, matching their words with actions. I'm rested, excited, and ready to win!"

Donna Baker, Regional Vice President, Cumulus Midwest Region, added: "Afentra has the gift of observing life in a manner that is real, whether hilarious or poignant and sharing that in a way that truly connects. Combined with her passion for music, artists, and community, The Afentra (Show) ignites a new world of success for the audience and advertisers on KCJK, X105.1. “



Nielsen announced today it will transform the measurement of markets that are measured with the audio diary from a quarterly or two times a year view to year-round measurement with monthly reporting. This more dynamic measurement solution enables clients to see seasonal shifts and react more quickly to marketplace changes. With this transition, radio will be able to find new insights and tell its reach story to advertisers each month.

“Big billion dollar advertisers leave nothing to chance,” said Brad Kelly, Managing Director, Nielsen Audio. “Every decision they make is data driven and updated audience data is crucial for timely decisions. Nielsen Audio is excited to help diary market clients have a better understanding of the audio landscape and respond faster to dynamic market conditions. Continuous Diary Measurement, will help radio reinforce its compelling reach story more often and provide fresh radio data to fuel Marketing Mix Models—the decision tools big advertisers rely on to allocate budgets and evaluate the effect of their ad spend.”

The implementation of Continuous Diary Measurement will begin in phases with the first starting in July 2019 in the markets currently measured four times a year. The current four-book markets will convert to 12 currency releases that will comprise three months of data starting with the May/June/July 2019 report period. Effective with July 2019, approximately 70% of radio’s ad spend will be reported monthly by Nielsen Audio.

“With digital advertising providing near real-time metrics and TV moving to a year-round model, audio needs to compete on a level playing field,” said Jeff Warshaw, CEO, Connoisseur Media and vice-chair, Nielsen Audio Advisory Council. “As a client and member of the Advisory Council, I've challenged Nielsen to think differently and deliver a better solution. This is an important step forward for diary market clients because it will help audio remain relevant in an environment where advertisers expect more timely data and greater accountability.  We should never forget that our advertiser clients are what matter most. They deserve the most timely data we can provide.”

Going forward, Nielsen plans to deliver monthly reports, covering six months of data in markets with at least 1,000 metro in-tab, and monthly reports covering 12 months of data in the smallest markets.

Currently, Nielsen reports larger diary markets four times a year (winter, spring, summer and fall), mid-sized diary markets twice a year in the spring and fall and the smallest markets with two book averages of Spring/Fall and Fall/Spring.




New York, NY - May 30, 2018 - Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced today that it has been granted accreditation by the Media Rating Council (MRC) for five additional PPM Audio markets including Columbus, Ohio, Greensboro-Winston Salem-High Point, N.C., Indianapolis, Ind., Jacksonville, Fla., and Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo, Utah. This brings the total to 30 PPM audio markets out of 48 that are accredited by the MRC for Nielsen Audio’s monthly Average Quarter Hour Ratings.

“We congratulate Nielsen for meeting the rigorous requirements necessary to extend MRC accreditation for its PPM monthly Average Quarter Hour estimates to these five additional radio markets,” said MRC Executive Director and CEO George W. Ivie. “This outcome evidences Nielsen’s commitment to continuous improvement, and we look forward to continuing our work with Nielsen as it strives to meet the needs of the industry by ultimately earning MRC accreditation for all audio markets that are part of the PPM service.”

Nielsen remains the trusted currency for the U.S. audio marketplace. Nielsen’s continuous quality improvement program is focused across all markets, accredited and non-accredited. Nielsen will work to build on this momentum by continuing to work with the MRC and clients to achieve and retain accreditation in all PPM markets.

Brad Kelly, Managing Director for Nielsen Audio said, “We are pleased to have achieved MRC accreditation in these additional markets. This demonstrates our continued commitment to quality for the industry’s gold standard audio measurement and it helps enhance our client’s confidence in the currency.”

In today’s fragmented media landscape, marketers and advertisers increasingly value advertising that delivers broad reach. Audio is the top weekly reach medium, with 93% of U.S. adults listening to radio every week.

On a final note, the MRC board also voted to remove accreditation of the San Francisco PPM Audio market. Nielsen stands behind the estimates produced for San Francisco and will continue to work with the MRC and clients to regain accreditation in this market.



NIELSEN LAUNCHES AUDIO DIARY MONTHLY INSIGHTS REPORTS - Provides Subscribers With More Granularity and Specificity About Diary Listening  


Nielsen (NYSE:NLSN) today announced the launch of Diary Monthly Insights Reports, a new set of reports to diary market subscribers of PD Advantage and Arbitrends. These reports provide audio clients with more granularity and specificity about diary listening behavior and trends and will be delivered to subscribers on a monthly basis.

“In today’s hyper-competitive environment, it’s vital for radio stations to be able to detect changes in their listening audience as early as possible,” said Brad Kelly, managing director for Nielsen Audio. “Radio stations require faster, more granular insights to understand their listeners. The Diary Monthly Insights Reports are an advanced new tool offering users the programming edge that comes with a quicker, more discrete read on the radio listening marketplace.”

With these new reports, Nielsen audio clients can now access insights with an unprecedented level of transparency into each station’s specific diary keepers, and market rankers by specific ages across each phase and sample composition during the survey. The reports will also offer users a long-awaited alternative to “extrapolations” of the monthly audience estimates, and are unique insofar as they are not impacted by weighting.

Diary Monthly Insights Reports provide both rankers and trends across a dozen discreet demos and dayparts. It also provides station diary counts for each month, granular demographic details for the station’s top 10 diary keepers, as well as listening by specific age, zip code and format.

Each client station that subscribes to PD Advantage and Arbitrends [where applicable] will be able to access these reports. Audio clients in all diary measured markets, large and small, now have a new source of rich, timely information about their listeners’ tuning habits.

Reports for station(s) will be available for their licensed stations at no cost, while reports for competing stations are available for a nominal fee.

Nielsen Gains Regulatory Approval to Acquire Arbitron


Radio Facts: nielsen2Nielsen and CBS today announced the media company’s participation in Nielsen’s first-ever trial to measure cross-media campaigns on local television and radio. The trial will focus on combining CBS local TV audience data with CBS Radio audience data to build a foundation that measures unduplicated reach and time spent across both media. In addition, the trial will measure reach and frequency for campaigns that run on both local TV and radio. The test results will expand local media planning analytics and develop more robust inputs for marketing mix modeling. As this pilot test develops, Nielsen intends to open participation across a wider group of clients for the benefit of the industry. By looking at their audience across local TV and radio in a given month, CBS is exploring the development of an analytic framework that would allow media planners to develop cross-media strategies to maximize reach as well as address the issues of day-to-day and week-to-week reach, distribution and the concept of “recency.” “In today’s multi-platform advertising environment, it is not enough to set full campaign reach and frequency targets,” said David F. Poltrack, Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation. “The advertiser must distribute the exposure to their message over time – and in a manner that assures that each potential purchaser is exposed to that message in a consistent manner before each purchase occasion. With our strong combination of television and radio stations in major markets and the extension of these local stations over online and mobile platforms, CBS is uniquely positioned to provide advertisers with the combination of market penetration and controlled frequency distribution needed to optimize the return from their media investments in these markets. Armed with this new cross-platform, local market custom analysis, each advertiser will be able to use these powerful media to their full potential and both TV and radio stations nationwide will benefit.” “We are very pleased to be working with CBS to bring together television and radio measurement as a result of our newly acquired Nielsen Audio capabilities and for the benefit of all clients,” stated Lynda Clarizio, President U.S. Media, Nielsen. “Developing new models of cross-media measurement allow our clients to identify expanded markets of potentially loyal consumers of products or content.” The test will combine data from Nielsen’s Local People Meter panel with data from the newly acquired Nielsen Audio’s PPM panel to provide the cross-platform measurement. Results will be shared in late Q1 2014. CBS and Nielsen have a history of collaboration and innovation regarding multi-platform measurement on a local level. Earlier this year, Nielsen announced the successful completion of a two-week technical trial with CBS aimed at capturing and measuring viewing of television content on mobile devices using Syncbak technology.