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First Major Exhibition To Explore The Life Of Ringo Starr

First Major Exhibition To Explore The Life Of Ringo StarrRingo: Peace & Love To Premier At The GRAMMY Museum ® June 12, 2013and Tour Select Cities Through 2014Exhibit Also Marks First Major Exhibit Dedicated To A DrummerThe GRAMMY Museum, in cooperation with Ringo Starr, will debut a major new exhibition, Ringo: Peace & Love opening on June 12, 2013.

50th Anniversaries of Beatles and Muhammad Ali Commemorated in Newly Released Documentaries on DVD

In commemoration of the 50th anniversaries for the Beatles and Ali, Music Video Distributors (MVD) has announced the release of two documentaries on DVD:  The Beatles: Their Golden Age  (one hour, $9.95) and  Ali: The Man, The Moves, The Mouth  (one hour, $9.95).

Twenty years of on-air action with Jon Moshier

When he was a kid of around 6 or 8 years old, as it's recalled, Jon Moshier roved around in ways children that age tend to: curiously and without preset destination. Often armed with a portable tape recorder, his preferred pastime was documenting the sounds of the late '70s world around him. You'd find young Jon with his prized RealTone cassette recorder next to the family radio, taping songs he knew. He'd fade the volume down a bit and say something into the deck about the music or musicians, then fade the music back in.