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Scarface Pretty Much Says Hip Hop is Controlled by Whites and He Hates It! Are Blacks to Blame?


Scarface, who was once part of the legendary rap group, Geto Boys, then went on to be a record label executive for Def Jam understands the culture of hip hop and the music business from an inside perspective.  The legend even recorded a song with Nas on DJ Khaled’s last project called, “Hip Hop.” In Scarface’s epic verse he says,”And if I cry two tears for her/That will be the most that I would give to her/ She left me stranded in my nightmares..” The her he is referring to is Hip Hop and how he has a love/hate relationship with her. In a recent interview with HardKnock TV backstage at the Paid Dues festival in San Bernadino, Scarface dropped a few powerful quotes regarding hip hop and who has control over it and how much he hates it. (see video below)


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luther Clark April 26, 2013 at 4:42 am

Hi !!

I agree with Face on the fact that white people are now controlling HipHop. I worked with Face when I was @ Virgin/Rap A Lot Records. Back n the 90 s, there were more Black Executives in the game that know what they were doing. I think today LA Reid is the only Black Executive left and he s a R&B dude. Remember when Nas said ” HipHop Is Dead ” a few years ago. I can go on and on.

Shone Jones April 28, 2013 at 5:55 pm

Face likes to forget that when he was in charge of Def Jam South, he wanted to bring L’il Flip and Ludacris to the label. He made that announcement in Vibe. He signed Luda, but Flip saw what was going on behind the scenes and signed a deal with Sony. Face was mad at Flip ever since.

Face comes off as a hypocrite in this when he was doing the exact same thing when he had his position at Def Jam South. He was talking that garbage when he was eatin’ good.
So why is he talking it now?


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