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Rihanna Injured in Bottle Throwing Incident in London Club


Digital and Radio Facts: Radio Facts: Rihanna Injured in Bottle Throwing Incident in London ClubWhile Rihanna was trying to shine bright like a diamond in a London club on early Sunday, a disgruntled fan wasn't having it. The pop star cut her knee dodging a bottle hurled by a angry heckler shouting insults aimed at Chris Brown.Rihanna was in the Box nightclub celebrating the debut of her River Island collection at London Fashion Week. She was confronted by this maniac as she left the club at approximately 3am.The man, who has not been identified, began screaming at the pop princess for allowing Chris Brown back into her life after their violent incident on Grammy night a few years back.A witness said the man threw a bottle of Lucozade, a British energy drink. Rihanna fell against a metal shop grate during the craziness and cut her right knee. She was immediately rushed to the car after being slightly wounded. Her bodyguard also injured his leg amid the chaos and had to be taken to a hospital for treatment, according to local reports.Rihanna or her people have not released any formal statement about the incident. So let's get this straight, you are mad that Rihanna got back with an abusive man so your reaction to that is to try and abuse her again.  What is the world coming to?


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