Which R&B Songs had the BEST Bass lines?


I was thinking this morning about the best Bass lines in past R&B songs and here are my picks:
1. GQ … “Disco Nights”
2. Kool and the Gang… “Too Hot”
3. Bill Withers … “Lovely Day” (vid below Bill was never the greatest performer)(laugh)
3. Grace Jones.. “Pull up to the Bumper”
4. Tom Tom Club “Genius of Love”
5. Eddie Kendricks “Keep on Trucking”
6. Impressions “Check out your Mind”
7. Chic…. “Good Times”
8. Rufus Thomas …. “Breakdown” (video below)
9. Taste of Honey…. “Boogie Oogie Oogie”
10. Rick James …. “You and I”
11. Dazz Band … “Let it Whip”
12. Nu Shooze … “I Cant Wait”
14. The System… “Don't Disturb this Groove”
15. The Pointer Sisters…”Yes we Can Can”
16. James Brown… “Funky President”
17. James Brown.. “Sex Machine”
18. Michael Jackson…”Billie Jean”
19. Tanya Gardner….”Heartbeat”

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  1. Kevin- Can’t believe you left out The O’Jay’s “For The Love Of Money”. The creation of that bassline got Randy Jackson his A&R job @ Columbia…

  2. Come on MAN! Does anybody know about “Fantastic Voyage” from Lakeside?!….and I know it’s Jazz but Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon” had one of the funkiest, most recognizeable Bass lines EVER.

  3. Woah, best bass line and NO Parliament??? Come on now, I could not have been the only funkateer back in the day that’s still listens to the Funk now. Come on now, this is a travesty.

  4. come on…how could you leave out “papa was a rolling stone” by the temptations or “cherish the day” and “ordinary love” by stewart matthewson” or “natural mystic” by bob marley…what about “candy” by cameo?get with it!

  5. No Motown guys?What about some classic Jamerson stuff?”I was made to love her” for starters and I can think about at least 10 more.What about “Lady Marmalade”?Best Bernard Edwards line – “I want your Love”

  6. Like some one said, no Motown? Marvin Gaye’s ‘Gotta Give It up’ – Jamerson is killing it! Also, believe it or not, DeBarge’s ‘I Like It’ has an awesome bassline that sneaks up on you! Can’t leave out any Chic. Other than those, pretty good list overall.


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