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Radio That Reaches 105 Million Shopper A Week

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InStore Audio Network reaches 39 million shoppers on an average day, according to new audience research study. Edison Research, a leading market research company based in Somerville, New Jersey, announced the release of new research that measures the audience for InStore Audio Network, the leading provider of in-store audio advertising in Drug, Grocery and Mass Merchandiser stores.The research was conducted at a national sample of stores in the InStore Audio Network where the number of shoppers exposed to in-store audio were counted and a sample of shoppers were interviewed in order to measure how much time was spent in each store, how many visits were made to each store each week. The surveys were also used to measure the basic demographics of the InStore Audio Network audience.The major findings of the study are:• The stores in the entire InStore Audio Network (including drug, grocery and mass merchandiser stores) have an average of 39 million daily visits from shoppers ages 12 and older.• The total number of weekly impressions for a commercial that runs once per hour on the InStore Audio Grocery and Mass Merchandiser Networks and twice per hour on the InStore Audio Drug Store Network is 140 million. This is equivalent to a national daily rating of 7.6.• The total number of shoppers who visit at least one of the stores in the InStore Audio Network during a typical week is estimated to be 104.6 million or nearly 40% of the national population of ages 12 and older.• The average number of shopping visits per week is 2.46 times for the Drug store, 2.73 times for the Grocery stores and is 2.24 times per week for the Mass Merchandiser stores.

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