Rudy Rush’s exit and move to KKDA on “DeDe in the Morning” in Dallas


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Rush and Jordan before the show split
Rush and Jordan before the show split
Comedian Rudy Rush and Claudia Jordan started a show at Service Broadcasting’s KRNB this past Sept. A few weeks ago Rush exited the show to rejoin DeDe McGuire (the two worked together on the late Doug Banks nationally syndicated show). One-third of the team on DeDe in the Morning, Mike Shaun is currently in rehab and the station is saying having two comedians on the morning show is to “double the funny” to make the syndicated show more appealing.Claudia Jordan is doing a solo show, the Hollywood actress moved to Dallas, TX to do the show this past year. We are told Service Broadcasting is looking for another person to take Rudy’s place on her show. We could not get clarification or an understanding as to who would lead the show. Speaking in general, in the syndication world this has often been a problem on certain shows when the roles have not been defined and people are simply put together to test their chemistry with a live audience.

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