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The Radio Facts Podcast Port –  A Whole New Kind of Radio (premieres April 4)Trying to sell your product?Interview are 10 and 20 minutesWould you like something unique and effective to take your brand, career and/or your business to an online audience with unlimited potential?Who can sell your product BETTER than YOU?Here’s your chanceTake advantage of what one of the most read and innovative industry blogs is now offering… “The Radio Facts Podcast Port Interview.”Here’s how it works….As part of our services for the Radio Facts Podcast Port, we are now offering professional interviews to help promote your product.You tell us what you want us to ask or talk about.You don’t have to leave your location we can do it over the phone.Radio Facts will have one of our Podcast Port professional radio announcer members interview you for a 10 or 20 minute interview about yourself and/or your product.We will edit and do all the work to make sure your interview is great.We will forward the final .mp3 to you to use however you would like to promote your product.You can put it on your site, send it to your mailing list or whatever you want to do with it.We will introduce the show with our site name and the announcer’s name “Radio Facts .com would like to introduce you to (your name and/or product) at the beginning and we will put a short disclaimer at the end. This must remain intact.Let us know what your budget is and we will let you know what we are able to do.Interested? Let us know what you are looking for by filling out this short form here.

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