The Steve Harvey Morning Show Discusses a Woman Who Won’t Move on From Her Ex: “Don’t Let a Man Tell You Twice He Don’t Want You” (VIDEO)


    The Steve Harvey Morning Show discussed a woman having difficulty accepting that her relationship was over. A 31-year-old single female wrote to Shirley Strawberry to say she was with her boyfriend for two years before they broke up. After the breakup, she threw a “back to the streets” party to celebrate the end of the relationship, and now her ex will not take her back, said Strawberry.

    The woman said that they had a difficult relationship while she was with her ex, informed Strawberry. He partied a lot at the club and frequented the strip club often. It was hard to get him to spend quality time on the weekends. Eventually, the two parted ways, and the woman threw a private party at a hookah lounge to celebrate the breakup, and the ex-boyfriend popped up.

    The ex was most upset over the life-size picture of the woman that said, “Back to the streets.” Before coming to the party, the ex-beau wanted to rekindle his relationship with the woman. However, after her single celebration, the man knew it was over and no longer wanted to be associated with the woman. He even had his mother call the woman to tell her how he felt.

    A few months later, the woman changed her heart and realized nothing was out in the streets for her. She wanted her man back. Still offended by the party, her ex refused to get back together and told her he was no longer interested. The woman’s mother advised the heartbroken single to move on, but she was confused about what she should do.

    Strawberry said that the woman should listen to her mother’s advice and not try and settle for a man who was no longer interested. “Listen to your mom; leave that man alone,” Strawberry insisted. The morning show DJ warned the woman not to fall back into her old pattern with her ex and to move on with her life.

    Steve Harvey said that the woman should work on “fixing” herself and not worry about getting back with an ex-boyfriend who did not treat her well the first time. “If women focused on fixing themselves like they focused on fixing others, there would be less damaged women in the world.”

    Harvey congratulated the woman on throwing her single party and felt that one week was not too soon to celebrate the single life. The celebration was a long time coming, explained Harvey. However, the radio DJ said the woman should not recant on her decision to move on but continue to celebrate getting rid of a man that did not respect her in the first place.


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