Cleveland Radio StationStarts Christmas Music YESTERDAY


After years of working holidays when I was in radio I officially HATE all Christmas music. This is the time of the year that I take my iPod everywhere with me cause I just don’t want to heat that Sh…! But that’s just me… A Cleveland radio station has started the tradition early as hell….JUMP START YOUR HOLIDAY WITH MIX 106.5 ““ HOLIDAY MUSIC LAUNCHES AS OFTUESDAY, NOVEMBER 9thTuesday, November 9, 2010, Cleveland, Ohio”¦Cleveland’s Best Mix, MIX 106.5 is pleased to announce the launch of an all holiday music format.   The transition to ALL CHRISTMAS MUSIC launched on Tuesday, November 9th and runs through Christmas day.”We  hope in these hard economic times that this early transition to holiday music will help put people in the holiday spirit and promote those feelings of good will that are synonymous with the season,” said Keith Abrams, Operations Manager for Clear Channel Cleveland.”We’ll feature all of your holiday favorites on Mix 106.5,” said Tony Matteo, Program Director for Mix 106.5.   He continued, “The transition to all Christmas music is a perfect match for this radio station.   We look forward to being your soundtrack for the season.”MIX 106.5 is known for giving you the best MIX in Cleveland, spanning artists from Price to Daughtry and from Bon Jovi to Pink.   The holiday blend of Mix 106.5 can be heard through Christmas day.   Get more information on Cleveland’s Best Mix, MIX 106.5’s holiday music transition on-line at