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Radio DJ Claims Innocence in Multiple Sexual Assault Accusations, Files $55 Million Defamation Suit


Radio DJ Claims Innocence in Multiple Sexual Assault Accusations, Files $55 Million Defamation Suit against Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Most people know Jian Ghomeshi as a Canadian broadcaster for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation. Others know him as a writer and musician. Allegedly there are a few women that know him as an abusive man that is capable of physical and sexual assault. In what has already been an interesting and pending investigation, the Toronto police sex-crimes unit in the building case against Jian Ghomeshi is now interviewing a third woman that is claiming sexual and physical assault against the popular on-air personality. Police are also investigating videos Ghomeshi showed his CBC bosses Oct. 23 containing “graphic evidence that Jian had caused physical injury to a woman.” Ghomeshi who has been fired by CBC is under immense scrutiny but he has not been interviewed by police as of yet and is in hiding.

moxyfruvous.26Reports are in that there are more women coming forward with allegations and these incidents date back to his time as member of the band Moxy Früvous (pictured). With approximately nine women with alleged incidents, the consensus seems to be that Ghomeshi asked them on dates and at some point allegedly attacked them. The allegations point to Jian grabbing and squeezing their throats and striking them in the face. One of the aforementioned women was a fellow employee of CBC that accused Jian of alleged sexual harassment in the workplace.Jian is not denying that there was some “adventurous” sexual acts but he was adamant via his Facebook page that these acts were all consensual. Ghomeshi wrote in a post that, while he has engaged in “…adventurous forms of sex that included role-play, dominance and submission, it has always been consensual.”  After being fired, he filed a $55-million defamation and breach of trust lawsuit against CBC, indicating that all of his sexual interactions have been consensual.Ghomeshi is said to be so confident about his innocence that he has reportedly submitted shocking graphic videos and photos of himself and a woman to his bosses, in an attempt to show “how bruising could happen and it could still be consensual.” Canadian police have now launched a full fledged investigation and they are requesting anyone with photos, videos and social media chats related to the investigation to contact the sex-crimes unit at 416-808-7474.



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