Old School Hip Hop Format Breaks Record in Indianapolis


wkCrqQ-v93.9 The Beat, Indianapolis’ WRWM-FM has a lot to say to naysayers of the old school hip hop music format changes around the country, that is, yep, it works. The Cumulus outlet dumped its old format this past December from top 40 music to filling a hole in the market for old school hip hop music fans who seem to be numerous. They were shocked to find the result was much more than they anticipated when they went from #15 in the market to #1, while it’s only the first full month of playing old school hip hop music this year, things look just as good for Feb as the station is still trending at the top. Cumulus SVP Jeff Brown is not surprised by the success of the station stating: “Coming in with this new format, we thought we had a top-five radio station. We think this is a sustainable top-tier station without a doubt. In addition Brown admits…“We haven’t spent a single dollar on advertising. It’s been all grass roots, guerilla marketing (why do I hate that term “Guerilla Marketing.”) We’ve been taking the word straight to the community, all over the place, and we’re going to continue to do that.” 


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