Ohio Players Front Man Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner Dies


Originally posted on 2013-01-27 23:16:23

SugarfootLeroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, the courageously flamboyant front man of the Ohio Players, has died at age 70. As the lead guitarist and vocalist on many of their biggest hits, including “Fire,” “Love Rollercoaster,” and more, Bonner was considered one the most talented, well known, and respected funksters of his generation and beyond.The only information we have is that he died some time on Saturday. No other details are currently available except for a statement released by the family concerning the funk legend. In an official family statement released by Scott Hanover the family said, “Yesterday, Leroy ‘Sugarfoot’ Bonner passed away quietly in his hometown of Trotwood-Dayton, OH. While his family, friends, colleagues, and fans mourn his passing they celebrate fondly his memory, music, and legacy.”

Originally posted on 2013-01-27 23:16:23


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