Nielsen Focus on African Americans and Latino Radio Listener Report Stats April 2014


JulieDash-Headshot2008GROWTH AND THE AUDIO LANDSCAPE NATIONAL AUDIENCE HITS ALL-TIME HIGH This growth is remarkable considering the variety and number of media choices available to consumers today over-the-air and online via smartphones, tablets, notebooks/desktop computers and digital dashboards. Radio’s hyper-local nature uniquely serves each market which keeps it tied strongly to our daily lives no matter how (or where) we tune in. The radio landscape is also a diverse community of listeners from every corner of America, who reflect the same population trends of the country as a whole. Radio is one of the original mass mediums and as the U.S. population grows and the makeup of our citizens change, radio audiences follow suit. Alongside the national growth headline, both African American and Hispanic audiences have also reached a historic high with more than 71 million tuning in each week. Read the entire report here

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