Movies on Netflix Review: “Passing”



    Starting Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga
    Based on the 1929 novel of the same name

    This Netflix Good Movie Review is Passing. This is Rebecca Hall’s directorial debut, as she’s done a great job.
    Passing is a movie about two high school friends who met years later at a restaurant and became better friends.

    The film is very subtle and black and white and a period piece from Harlem Renaissance.

    Here are two wealthy black women both able to pass for white. One is running to her culture, the other running from it. Yet, they are both unhappy and meet somewhere in the middle.

    The black husband, played by Andre Holland, acts as though he is not interested in his wife’s friend, but he is, and there’s more than a friendship going on. Yet unbeknownst to him, his wife is also interested in her friend.

    The white husband, played by Alexander Skarsgard, is entirely unaware that his wife is black or that his child with her is also black.

    His wife explains how traumatic it was to go through nine months of pregnancy, not knowing if the child would come out dark.

    The sense she had betrayed her husband into thinking that she is white weighs heavy on her soul, but she acts as if it doesn’t. Her yearning to reconnect to her blackness takes president.

    And Tess’s character is starving for affection and attention, while Ruth’s roots character wants to be the life of the party. Two opposite personalities come together in this film that makes a great movie.

    The piece takes place during what looks like the Harlem Renaissance.

    The story ends tragically, and I won’t spoil it, But this is one of our Netflix Good Movie watch alerts.

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