NBA Is Ready For A Change and They Will Use Their Vote To Do It (VIDEO)


This election is important; it is a matter of life and death for Americans. It is so important that groups have been hitting the ground trying to encourage everyone to register to vote. The NBA is no different in being serious about their vote counting, as reports surfaced that said only 20% of the players voted in the last election. The country can not afford for people to sit on the sidelines this election. With more awareness and education on the history and importance of voting players felt the need to register and encourage others to do the same.

The country is in turmoil and the current leader is not equipped to lead it out of it. In fact, he is encouraging it. So, it is critical that everyone is registered, so that their vote can be counted. Right now, over 90% of the NBA players are registered to vote and they plan to make sure their vote counts to continue the fight to bring about real change.

NBPA president Chris Paul had this to say about the success of educating the players and them realizing the importance of their vote. I’m so proud of our guys, because I’m proud to announce that we have over 90 percent of our league registered to vote. Fifteen teams are 100 percent registered. And the job that guys have been doing just to be a little bit more educated on the situation and getting people out, recruiting poll workers and things like that – the bubble has been an unbelievable blessing. Our players are continuing to do the work. And we’re grateful, and we’re going to keep working.


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