Music Promotion: Black Artists Learning Targeting Radio Airplay is Just Not Enough

 width=There are many artists today who are under the impression that radio airplay is king and that’s all they want. However, there are others who are most savvy in understanding that the concept of social media and online promotion play a major role in creating a buzz, familiarity and added interest from consumers. “What many artists fail to realize is that everybody doesn’t listen to commercial radio and word-0f-mouth and links online provide an extremely valuable additional tool in promoting product in creating awareness.” stated kevRoss, owner of the leading industry trade publication Radio Facts ( “An artist can wait forever to get his or her song on the radio and they can waste a lot of time trying to garner interest from radio but those who do online campaigns with Radio Facts , for example, score higher because online consumers take note, radio programmers see the brand on a leading Black industry site and programmers can instantly download the song from the banner instead of having the song lost in their endless emails somewhere. We hear from Programmers and Labels consistently about how a banner ad reminded them about adding a song and/or giving it more spins on radio Radio Station s. Creating a subliminal campaign like the professional ones that we do on Radio Facts provides an excellent opportunity for artists to give a subliminal message about their brands.”   For more information, contact [email protected]    

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