Mitt Romney’s Changing and Unspecified Tax Plan for the Middle Class (audio)

Mitt Romney, radiofactsorg.wpengine.comMitt Romney‘s first presidential debate performance was impressive. He had a great delivery, was very aggressive and somewhat convincing but his statements were, as usual, not well-explained and after the media, politicians and political experts explored and dissected his statements further it was, once again, discovered… they lacked accuracy and feasablity. Romney was damn near adamant about how his insurance plan, for example, included pre-existing conditions which appeared to leave President Obama miffed and perplexed since Romney had not discussed pre-existing inclusion before the debate but the statement was later retracted by one of Romney’s  reps indicating Romney’s plan actually does NOT include pre-existing conditions. Romney was very well crashed coached for the debate and while his performance, body language and aggressive responses were on point, his facts were not. Finally, he certainly has not made friends the the public broadcasting industry after his joke about eliminating what is now an American institution, Big Bird and Sesame Street. Not sure if you got to see all the hilarious jokes online about Big Bird being homeless and/or arrested but this is a great report on how he keeps changing his mind about his own policies and offering no specifics as to exactly what he plans to do, in this case, for the middle class and tax cuts (or no tax cuts). Enjoy.

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