Music Executive, Azim Rashid, Featured on NBC Black Music Month Segment (video)


Music executive Azim Rashid is featured in an interview spotlighting Black Music Month on NBC affiliate channel 5 in Dallas, TX with Laura Harris. Rashid not only talked about the history of black music but also the current conditions of black music within the industry.

“Just being an African American male, let’s call a spade a spade. There aren’t many of us at the top of the business, especially with the advent of streaming, which has shown globally that hip-hop and R&B is the number one genre of music. You would think that as contributors, we would have an equity place. It’s something that we are working on continuously,” Rashid said.

Rashid also talks about the many areas he has worked in from being a rapper to a radio host to a music executive and how the influence of black music is connected to most, if not all, genres of music. Watch this great and insightful interview (below) If you can’t see the video click here


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