Homophobia in the Music Industry Meeting Excludes People of Color and Women?

In today’s How Can this Be? News. One can now conclude (at least according to this picture) that there are NO people of color or women who are members of the LGBTQ community in the music industry. One can also conclude that there is no such thing as music streaming. Let the black church shout Amen! (Then please keep the noise down so the black gay choir can sing).

An interesting anomaly for a recent LGBTQ brunch to discuss Homophobia in the Music industry in West Hollywood. But wait doesn’t “phobia” indicate fearing a group of people and causing a lack of inclusion and diversity, therefore? We hired a forensic phototologist by the name of ‘Sho Nuff’ to locate “diversity” in the image at the event’s table for the photo op? The results are conclusive. There is NO diversity at the table. Our experts could not find one person of color or a legitimate representation of women during our investigation. Question: How do you talk about diversity and exclude …. well um…ok…mmm, hmm … I’m just gonna say it … DIVERSITY???

To that end, while there are MANY people of color who are LGBTQ in the music and radio industry, including the gay homophobes (This too is an anomaly but if you know people who hate gay people, there is a good chance that they too are gay). The freedom to be out is seen as a career dealbreaker and still not the same as it is for white counterparts.

“LGBTQ people of color are often marginalized by both the white LGBTQ community AND the communities of color simultaneously,” said a Black LGBTQ major market radio DJ this morning to Radio Facts. He went on to say “Black gay people and women are not often invited to events like this and in all honesty, my black conservative, homophobic and is-the-Fed-Ex-man-here-yet boss would have fired me if I was at that table … but he may not have seen the picture because he was with his side ho while his wife was in the hospital having brain dialysis this past weekend” OK, I added the part about the side ho and the wife in the hospital for additional humor. Your thoughts?  Still … I can’t help but ask why not have your own f’ckn brunch? Why do black folks from ANY walk of life… Straight, LGBTQ, Fool, Crook or Sports Legend ALWAYS have to have white approval? Think, Do and Be … Got damn. (Stepping down from the soapbox after getting permission from white people to post on my own blog, yesim)

Lucas Keller, from Milk&Honey marketing, hosted the event to talk about homophobia in the music industry “There’s room for all LGBTQ people to succeed, not just one,” said songwriter Justin Tranter at the inaugural “Out to Brunch” event. oooooooookay.

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