Miguel Says Frank Ocean’s Coming Out Overshadowed His Music


MiguelIn an interview with Vibe, Miguel was asked a question about Frank Ocean and with very open and honest candor, he praised Frank Ocean yet he also felt that coming out sort of overshadowed his and Frank’s music. Here is the full quote below. “I don’t know if the word is eclipsed. [Long pause] That’s a really tough question to answer, man. In all reality, Frank Ocean took a big chance the way that artists are supposed to. I mean, even his album doesn’t sound like mine or anyone else’s. So sonically and how he writes and what he’s writing about and how he chooses to express himself vocally, all his choices are very unique, and I appreciate that about him. Not only did his announcement overshadow my music, but it overshadowed his as well. The general public was in awe and championing him for being brave enough to make that announcement publicly. I congratulate him for his successes. I would love to hear more of his music. He’s one of those artists that’s being himself and pushing boundaries. I gotta celebrate that.”What do you think? Do you think Frank coming out overshadowed his music or do you think it was the perfect strategic play to help push the album?

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