Master P Teams Up with Former Tesla Engineer Richard Patterson to Create Black Owned Auto Manufacturer


When Martin Luther King switched his focus to economics and not just civil rights, he became more of threat to America and he ended upassassinated. It was only right that on MLK Master P announced that he was teaming up with former Tesla engineer Richard Patterson to create the first Black owned supercar manufacturer. Peep the video to learn about the venture and to learn about their first car.

Trion Supercars Group, is an exotic auto manufacturer now based in Las Vegas Nevada. The founder and CEO, Richard Patterson who recently met with music mogul and business entrepreneur Percy “Master P’ Miller on his show, Master P Reviews, for a preliminary introduction of the 2000 horsepower Nemesis, which Master P and Romeo gave an unprecedented rating of “10” during the formal presentation of the Nemesis. Master P was quoted saying, “I just want to let black people and minorities across the world know how big this is… to have a brother like you to be a part of technology, creating stuff that can change the world!” The Nemesis is an innovative experience, that far exceeds the engineering technologies of any Tesla model and boast of its aero dynamic design features, that gives Lamborghini and Ferrari a competitive rival. The first Nemesis is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2021.

Master P also posted on his IG about the new venture. and how proud he was of Richard Patterson.


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