KUDOS TO Jerrod Carmichael’s BRUTALLY Honest Opening about The Golden Globes’ Racist Past (video)


There are FEW Black comedians who would have been as courageous and brutally honest about The Golden Globes’/Hollywood Press Association’s racist past and their not having a single Black host in 79 years. Super KUDOS to Stephen Hill, a one-time radio vet, for hiring Jerrod, and KUDOS to Jerrod Carmichael for telling the truth about the organization.

I can guarantee you he won’t be asked to come back. They want more of an ass-kissing Black shuck-and-jive host for ceremonies like this.

“Helen” wanted to meet him to check his temperature and to probably make sure he DIDN’T do an opening like this.

I didn’t watch and never have but saw this on Twitter. Notice the unified and agreeable looks on all the black stars’ faces in the audience and the uncomfortable and curious looks on the white faces. They all know he is telling the truth


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