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Kirk Franklin on The Breakfast Club Radio Show, on Losing Religion, Religious "Systems" and Being Abandoned as a Child

Every time I think I have seen the best work The Breakfast Club Radio Show can do it keeps getting better. This time Kirk Franklin appears on the show apologizing for the black church’s attacks on the black LGBT community, the church’s systems of religion that target some sins and leave others out and just the overall hypocrisy, greed and the pomp and circumstance and black church leaders. This is not to say that ALL black churches are like this.I really love the camaraderie between Charlamagne, Yee and Envy and they all ask some great questions during this interview. I implore other Radio DJs around the country to watch how they do interviews to get off the “who inspired you” bandwagon. KUDOS to Franklin for telling the audience you don’t have to partake in the church systems in order to have a relationship with God. Something that the black church has falsely instilled in members for decades while the plate is being passed around for money for the church that is rarely given back to the community in its time of need.Finally, Franklin goes into even more depth by talking about the curse of being creative and how those who are TRULY talented often have the burden of depression because the circle is so small of people who understand them. I won’t tell you what he says but you have to watch the video to get the message clearly.[flowplayer id=”168079″]



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