From All-Stars to Legends: HT’s Annual Academy Kicks Off


AUSTIN — Huston-Tillotson University (HT) aims to transform a group of summer students from all-stars during the summer into legends for a lifetime; it is the University’s all-new All-Star Academy.  The Academy kicked off Sunday, June 24 and runs until August 5.

“This is all about ensuring that our students are ready for college when they get here in the fall,” Autumn Caviness said.  Caviness serves as director of HT’s Center for Academic Excellence (CAE).  Caviness went on to say that the Academy gives students a jumpstart to their college career, and it gives a new meaning to the title of student.

“They instead are students who become all-stars who become legends.”

The graduated purpose is why HT’s traditional summer bridge program is now an All-Star Academy.

The theme for the 2018 All-star Academy is “Go Legend.”  CAE selected this theme because the program prepares students to go legend in their lives academically, personally, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

During the six-week summer session, students will receive academic enrichment in math and English, develop the requisite leadership skills needed for successful undergraduate years, and learn about key campus resources that will ensure the students have a smooth transition from high school to HT.

On Sunday, June 24, HT brought together families from across the country for a send-off event.  For many families, this was an emotional day, not only because their child was now far away from home; this was the first time that someone in their families entered college.

The family event ended with a prayer, reinforcing to family that HT is a “safe space” for their children. 

“We really want a hedge of protection as our students go into their studies and for the families to know that this is a safe place and that we have their children’s back.”

Still full of excitement following Sunday’s event, Caviness said that everyone wants the best for their child, and everyone wants their child to have an education and succeed and to do better than they did.

“And you can see this by the following here today.  And the fact that 100 Black Men of Austin sponsored the T-shirts and helped with move-in, and the Austin section of the National Council for Negro Women sponsored snacks for move-in and sandwiches for parents to take for their journeys back home, it’s a community event and affair, and you can see it dripping on all that we do.”

The 100 Black Men of Austin, Inc. and National Council for Negro Women – Austin will return throughout the summer to provide mentoring and other assistance to help ensure that students become all-stars on their way to becoming legends.


2018 All-Stars complete a math lesson on the computer.