Liv and Steven Tyler Discover Their Black Lineage


In America you can pretty much count on one thing when it comes to the history and lineage of this country – everyone is probably a little mixed.  At some point most us will discover that we have blended heritage.  This realization just came true for actress Liv Tyler and her famous rock legend father, Steven Tyler.On the latest episode of the tlc show,”On Who Do You Think You Are?,” Liv Tyler was overwhelmed with joy to discover that her multi-great grandfather, Robert Elliot was considered a black man or  at least mixed.  According to historical records he was considered “mulatto.”  By definition a “mulatto” is a person of mixed white and black ancestry, especially a person with one white and one black parent.It was also revealed that Robert served as a drummer boy during the Siege of Plattsburgh, a battle that occurred during the War of 1812.  The beauty or irony in this reveal is Liv’s father, Steven Tyler also got his start as a drummer.  Robert’s offspring, George also served as a drummer boy during the Civil war so the musical lineage in their family is strong.Liv was also able to attain a picture of her long lost relative George which led her to tell her very famous dad about their black roots.  When Steven learned of their African-American heritage all he had to say was, “I always felt akin to black people, always.”


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