HBCU: Athletic Director and Head Coach Roles to be Impacted by Pending Diversity Legislation

House Education Committee Votes Unanimous Support for Rep. Ken Brass’s HCR 19 Initiative with The Doug Williams Center 

Athletic director and head coach roles to be impacted by pending diversity, inclusion, and equity legislation
The Louisiana House Education Committee unanimously voted in support of District 58 Representative Ken Brass’s presentation of HCR 19, a bill that answers to growing an emphasis on racial and gender diversity gaps in Louisiana’s college sports leadership. 
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If passed by the House of Representatives, Senate, and ultimately signed by the governor, the bill would authorize a series of initiatives to be led by The Doug Williams Center (DWC), including the creation of the Louisiana Minority Sports Initiative Task Force.  

“Receiving unanimous support from the House Education Committee sends a resounding message that we recognize the issues affecting our communities and that change is imperative,” said Representative Brass. “Advancing this bill is one of many recent events that confirms the faith I have in our legislation to advance our state in every way, including to make hiring practices more equitable for qualified minority and woman candidates.” 

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