Former Master of the Mix DJ, Vikter Duplaix Host Party with DJ Idris Elba?


photo-17Yeah that’s right!  When he wasn’t driving the ladies crazy just by speaking into the microphone, seasoned actor, Idris Elba actually showed some skills on the one’s and two’s. Former VH1 “Master of the Mix” reality star, Vikter Duplaix, who is well known in Los Angeles for his emphasis, KissNGrind parties held a private edition of the famous party at a secret location in Hollywood on Monday night. Radio Facts was in the building to witness DJ Idris Elba hold his own as he displayed great technique blending and fusing records that ranged from classic Reggae to even more classic Luther Vandross.  Yes he was using Serato but  most of the legendary DJ’s use it now as well. You can tell that he enjoys spinning records, moving the crowd, and he definitely has respect and skill regarding the craft.


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