EDITORIAL: Why Meek Mill’s Great Points During The Breakfast Club Radio Show Interview Deserve Second View


Radio Facts:

Meek MillCommon Sense Experience Really IS the Best Teacher

I watched the entire Meek Mill interview on The Breakfast Club Radio Show yesterday and immediately thought this is a black man who is wise beyond his years.Many times we see people in their 20s and 30s on social media giving life advice and the truth is, they’re rarely qualified. You don’t know how life REALLY works until you are in your 50s, If you’re lucky. There is one exception that can advance you beyond your years in age, however, hardcore personal experiences.I have a good friend who unexpectedly just lost his mother and I can see an immediate and positive shift in his energy and personality. He sees how he has allowed external forces to control his life instead of him controlling it. I can see a change coming for him. Experience does that to us.The first thing Meek said, when asked by Charlamagne if he was mad about the way the black female judge treated him, was (paraphrasing) “…at the time I was but today, I can see the benefit.” Imagine being a big star and having to hit rock bottom in an instant like that. No special favors, no more 5-star hotels or the best steaks, big house etc but being relegated to a cold and bare cage a metal toilet where nothing that you have done matters and all of your time is now spent reflecting.Meek has admitted several times that the experience made him see how unjust and biased the criminal justice system is against black men and few can deny his accuracy. I have always said that poverty is ANY man’s greatest enemy ESPECIALLY a black man but apparently, wealth is a questionable asset as well. He also told Charlamagne that he would step back if he was warned to stop speaking out against the system. He stated that he doesn’t want to be an advocate and that’s another great point.

The Opton to be Blind and REFUSE to See

Advocacy is not only a very risky business, it can be life-threatening. Not necessarily [just] the external threats on one’s life but the stress that comes along with people cheering you on in the dark then avoiding you in the light because they are afraid to be associated with what you represent but they are more than happy to reap the benefits of your martyrdom AND they don’t want you to make any monetary gains. Talk about having your cake and hoarding it too? Who wants a job like that? Colin Kaepernick, who was brought up during the interview, is a prime example.Meek was asked what he does in his spare time. He admitted that he is not crazy about doing interviews and would prefer not to and he likes spending his time watching documentaries to learn about things he doesn’t know on YouTube. This is probably the most important point. This is the first time I have ever heard an artist say something so important because he is right. You can literally learn anything that you want to learn from a serious of videos on YouTube. Everything from how to become wealthy to how to buy real estate to how to cook vegetarian soul food. It’s an amazing tool for a FREE education but rarely used that way.What Meek stated about learning from his exprerience is evident and I can’t help but to wonder if that went over most people’s heads. If so, the video is below to see again.

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