Audie Cornish Leaving NPR’s All Things Considered

Audie Cornish

Audie Cornish, a host of NPR’s “All Things Considered,” is leaving her job she announced in a tweet. She is the third person of color to exit NPR leaving some to speculate there is a problem with diversity at the outlet. Noel King, who went to Vox Media, and Lulu Garcia-Navarro, who joined The New York Times are also people of color who exited recently.

Cornish expressed trepidation but urgency in her need to leave NPR in her tweets.

Some personal news…this week I am joining many of you in “The Great Resignation”. 1/5

I love my job. I love the listeners of @NPR and the people who make it. Alongside that truth, I am ready to stretch my wings and try something new. 2/5

No doubt leaving @npratc is a risk. It’s in the Library of Congress! It has been an honor to be part of this legacy of service and to work with the incredible hosts, producers and editors who make it. Thanks for letting me be part of its story. 3/5 #NPR

it’s a risk. and that’s ok. I look forward to new opportunities and new ways to tell stories. and to keep finding ways to make space and center the voices of those who have been traditionally left out! Our conversation isn’t over. Stay tuned as we say in radio 😉

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