Marketron Rolls Out First Working Programmatic Marketplace to 2900 Radio Stations


Marketron-MediascapeMarketron, the media industry’s leading provider of advertising software solutions, is rolling out its Mediascape Marketplace to 2,900 of its stations as the first working programmatic exchange for radio. The Mediascape Marketplace will provide the ability to purchase inventory, schedule it and deliver creative in real time.At a time when programmatic is being adopted across the media landscape, thousands of stations can take advantage of this technology to boost their revenue and maximize their inventory. At the same time, advertisers have access to more inventory than ever through an automated exchange where they can buy inventory at a set price. Data that informs the buying process will come from individual broadcasters as well as integrations with Nielsen, Strata, Mediaocean and Synchronicity.Says Jeff Haley, CEO of Marketron: “Programmatic is here, and it’s just a matter of time before every radio station in America is selling their inventory this way. As for brands, it opens up new doors to markets they may never have considered – for the first time, they can take full advantage of radio’s local power.”Marketron developed this programmatic platform last year in order to create an open and fair marketplace for both buyers and sellers. In a demonstration executed in May, Marketron facilitated a programmatic buy for Hubbard, a leading radio broadcaster where Hubbard published inventory to Marketron’s Marketplace platform, and the advertiser, Aloft Hotels, bought the inventory using a DSP, or demand side platform.


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