Ebro in the Morning Discusses the First AI Rapper Signed to a Major Record Label: “This Cat is Gonna Be with Jay-Z in a Minute” (VIDEO)


    Ebro in the Morning discussed the first AI rapper signed to a major record label. Laura Stylez said FN Meka is the first virtual rapper to hold the title. She said that the character is a racially ambiguous “light-skinned” male with face tattoos and piercings. The character just signed his first major record deal with Capitol records.

    Laura Stylez and Rosenberg wanted to know who was voicing the AI character. “My friend was like… they really have this virtual rapper over here just dropping M-bombs everywhere like what is happening,” said Stylez.

    The morning show DJ said the record label is going to make this rapper a real act. This is not the first time an animated character has created music and gained success. MC Skat Kat performed alongside Paula Abdul, added Rosenberg. He said not to forget about Cita from Cita’s world. PaRappa the Rapper was another animated rap character, noted the radio DJ.

    FN Meka already has a song out featuring the rapper Gunna. “This cat is gonna be out with Jay-Z in a minute,” said the morning show host.

    Stylez said the AI rapper does not “sit well” with her. Rosenberg said 6ix9ine and Lil Pump were bad enough as it is, and the AI musician seems like a combination of them both.


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